Must-Read: RMT Rules and Regulations

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Must-Read: RMT Rules and Regulations

Post  HackedGlitch265 on Sat May 07, 2011 9:22 pm

These are the rules for the 4th Generation Rate-My-Team section. Pay Special attention to rule 0.

0: Do NOT post RMTs of other generations here. We will tolerate this happening once, but if this is a frequent thing we will not tolerate it. This is for 4th generation only, not customize meta-games with non-existing pokes.

1: Always post "full" teams. This generally means 6 pokes, unless it is for a specific meta-game (EG: A 3 on 3 battle).

2: Only have 1 RMT active at a time. Do not constantly post new teams every two weeks. If you wish to post another team before your old one closes, then contact a moderator to close or delete your thread. Make sure you got enough information out of it before doing so, as it is an irreversible process.

3: Describe the purpose of your chosen 6 members. Movesets with EV spreads doesn't tell quite enough to explain its purpose alone.

4: Include the tier/Meta-game name in the title if it is NOT for OU. NO 1v1 META-GAME HERE. 1 pokemon is NOT a team, and therefore we do not want to here it. The Battle Tower, however, does count here.

5: Use a clean layout.

good example:
Scizor @ Occa berry
Adamant Technician 252 attack/speed, 4 hp
Bullet Punch
Brick break
Bug Bite

An example set for example purposes. Make sure this is more detailed then this example
This is a good, clean and descriptive example.

This is not acceptable.
Bad Example:
Adamant Occa Scizor with max attack/speed and 6 hp with bulletpunch/birckbreak/agility/bugbite. Its a sweeper duh.

Not only is this messy, but the information is all over the place and some is missing. The description hardly tells us anything about it

6: Feel free to include pictures and colors. It makes it easier and less boring to read. Just be sure to choose colors that show up on the background. Do NOT post over-sized images. Doing so will not put you in good standings with the staff and other members.

7: No bumping more than twice in 2 days. This can be ignored if you change significant things in your team and would like renewed feedback. Changing one move on 1-2 pokes is NOT significant. Changing one or more pokes entire sets or pokes is. If a thread has been inactive for over 30 days, it will be locked. Do not delete your posts to try to sneak in extra bumps. Moderators+ can see your self-deleted posts. You MAY re-post a new team if your thread is not in the first 5 pages.

8: Do not re-post a locked thread until you have corrected what caused a moderator to close it. If it was locked because of inactivity, look back upon your feedback and alter your team accordingly. Then re-post it and see what kind of feedback you receive. Testing the team is also quite helpful.

9: Do not post in this section if you cannot handle criticism. You are here to receive help and/or advice, so if you disagree with someone else's view point, explain why calmly. If you choose to use your set over theirs, explain why. Likewise, do not insult one's choices. Doing so may get you banned from this section, or even the entire forums if it is severe enough.

10: Include what rule-set you are using if you are not using a standard rule-set. The Standard rules are

One-Hit-KO: All 1hko moves are banned
Evasion Clause: Minimize and Double Team are banned
Sleep Clause: You may only put one of your opponent's team members to sleep at once. Self-Inflicted sleep, such as Rest, does not count towards this total.
Species Clause: You may only have 1 of any pokemon on your team. EG: Only 1 Infernape, not 2.

11: Post competitively teams only. Furthermore, post pre-tested teams only. If you are posting a team that you haven't tested, you are theorymoning. This is NOT a theorymon section, so we WILL close your threads.

12: Make sure you have the basic knowledge of the meta-game you desire to make your team more suitable for. If you have little/no competitive experience, this section is NOT for you. We recommend at least watching some of the good Battlers on youtube at least. This should give you a somewhat decent example of what a good/decent team looks like.

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