Yu-Gi-Oh! Questions and Answers Thread! V1

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Questions and Answers Thread! V1

Post  HackedGlitch265 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:27 am

This thread is for the purpose of asking questions about cards in regards to their effects and the effects of other cards. Questions will be added to the first 3 posts every so often, along with their answers below them. As always, global forum rules apply here. Do not troll or flame the questions that someone else poses. USE PROPER ENGLISH. I cannot stress this enough. If your question is not understandable, we will ask you to re-state it properly. We cannot help you if we do not understand you. If you're using a translator, try typing in the words one by one.

Note: If multiple questions arise around the same card, I'll try grouping them into their own section. Questions will be added in no particular order, as trying to C/P every question regarding every card would take far more space than is available in 3-4 posts.

Questions!: None yet.
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