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Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) Empty Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting)

Post  HackedGlitch265 on Wed May 11, 2011 9:49 pm

Alright, here's a current Mono-Fighting team I've built. Its mainly a beat-down team, so I have to rely on predictions and consistences rather than tanking hits, although I could simply have used bulkier fighters Razz Comes with a Wild-Card.

Quick Line-up

Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 424aMono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 68aMono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 286aMono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 392Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 448aMono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 214a

As you can see, its got some pretty heavy hitters. I feel it has a nice mix of power and speed.

First up, Ambipom
Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 424
Ambipom@Life Orb
Jolly Technician 252 Att/252 speed/4 hp
Fake Out
Double Hit
Brick Break

My ambipom lead. A stab, technician, life orb boosted fakeout will deal a decent chunk to any lead that doesn't resist it or is a ghost type. Pursuit is to catch Ghosts and psychics as they flee, and is still boosted by pursuit if they don't flee. Double hit is to hit through substitutes and deal decent damage if they aren't behind a substitute. Brick Break is for steels, darks and rocks, but isn't boosted by Technician. I am contemplating switching Brick Break with Low Kick, as steels and rock types tend to weigh a lot, but I'd lose some coverage on dark types, who tend to be lighter.He is my wildcard, so he's not always on the team, although he is the most common WC I use. Tyranitar had this spot originally to cover some of my team's weaknesses to flying and psychic, but Ambipom has proven more useful.

Next up, the self-proclaimed champion of destruction
Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 68
Machamp@Choice Band
Jolly No-Guard @252 att/252 speed/4 hp
Dynamic Punch
Bullet Punch
Ice Punch
Stone Edge

I almost wish he had Iron Fist tongue. He is the Choice Band user of my team. Max speed Jolly in order to out-speed slower threats that tend to be faster than most Machamps. Stab CB Dynamic Punch hurts just about anything that doesn't resist it, although I wish he was Adamant, as the meta-game is quite speed based. Dynamic Punch is for stab, ice punch is for coverage of fliers who resist my Dynamic Punches. Bullet Punch is for priority, and once again hurts many things who aren't immune to it. Stone Edge is for fliers, as well as provides good neutral coverage.

The Toxic-Shroom
Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 286
Breloom@Toxic Orb
Adamant Poison Heal @252 att/252 speed/4 hp
Focus Punch
Seed Bomb/Stone-Edge

If there's was ever a frightening mushroom creature, it'd probably be something like Breloom. This breloom is a sub-puncher with spore to allow it to sweep. Seed-Bomb is for a secondary stab, although I occasionally run Stone-Edge over it to hit flying and poison types harder. Spore gets one thing out of the way, and sub allows me to focus punch. I switch in on something slower or that I threaten and proceed to either attack or spore, depending on what came in.

The Crazy Flaming Chimp
Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 392a
Blitz@Life orb
Hasty Blaze 46 att/ 252 sp.att/192 speed
Fire Blast
Close Combat
Grass Knot
Hidden Power ice 70 (30 speed Ivs)

A special based Mix-ape. I forgot what I did with my Nasty-Plot mix-ape, so I chose this guy. Without setup, he's free to wreck whatever he wishes. Close Combat and Fire-blasts are obvious stabs and deal good damage in most cases. Grass Knot is useful for ground and water types, and is an excellent way to take out Swamperts. Hidden Power Ice is for fliers as well as the dragons. Unfortunately, it only speed ties with base 100's, and is 12 away from out-speeding max speed 105's, but dropping 48 sp.att evs to out-speed those doesn't seem warrented.

The Aura-Sensing Hound
Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 448
Lucario@Focus Sash
Adamant inner Focus 252 attack/252 speed/4 def
Close Combat
Blaze Kick
Bullet Punch

My other other priority user. Bullet punch is for the slight coverage over mach punch/vacuum wave/extreme-speed. Close Combat is an obvious stab, with Stone-Edge providing additional coverage. Blaze Kick rounds out the moveset, allowing me to deal very good damage to steels and ice types without having to lower my defenses. Focus sash is mainly to get improve its chances of killing something. If I'm faster and switch-in and they lack priority, Lucario may 1hko them, but if I get a free swtich and I'm faster, I get to fire off at least 2 attacks.

The Sap-Sucking King Beetle
Mono-BeatDown! (Mono-Fighting) 214Heracross@Choice Scarf
Adamant Guts 252 attack/252 speed/4 sp.def
Close Combat

Well, as you can tell form reversal, this wasn't originally its set. With scarf, it hits a decent 403 speed, allowing it to outspeed positive base 130's and anything below that. This set was originally a highly gimmicky set with Flame Orb and Swords Dance to wreck just about anything with a boosted reversal, but I just had to get a choice-scarf Heracross. Close Combat and Megahorn are obvious stabs. Ghosts do annoy Heracross, so Stone-edge is there to save the day. Reversal is still on the set because I haven't decided what to use over it. Possibly Night-Slash, but if I'm low enough on health and burned or poisoned, a Stab-Guts boosted reversal with low enough HP is scary in its own right.
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